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Masterminds are EVERY Wednesday @ 6PM PST.

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Join Cannabis entrepreneur, investor, and industry insider Erai -Mr. Cannabis- Beckmann weekly as he gives insight into what’s next for the Cannabis & CBD industry, his personal experience running marketing and influencer campaigns for industry leaders AND small organizations, and he’ll be introducing you to his Inner Circle of BADA$$ Leaders who are crushing it in the Canna space. He will also be sharing his best practices in leadership, mindset, and human potential- along with all the tools he uses to stay at his best daily - that he has been learning and practicing the past decade with amazing mentors and coaches. He will be joined by his friend and colleague Matt Ritchey.

Webinar topics will change every week and include (not limited to):

  • What is the market going to look like post Coronavirus?
  • How to prepare your business for uncertain times
  • Marketing your business without using fear tactics
  • Why now is the best time to double your marketing budget
  • Why leadership is more important than ever in our industry
  • How to create a team of leaders And MUCH more

Your Hosts

Erai Beckmann AKA Mr.Cannabis

Investor - Co-Founder

AKA Mr. Cannabis - Serial Cannabis Entrepreneur & InvestorErai has founded multiple successful startups, earning combined 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue. Erai's CBD businesses have earned more than 10 million dollars in gross revenue alone. 2 of his startups have been purchased in full or for a majority equity % in the past several years. One of Mr. Beckmann’s most recent startups created a multi-billion dollar market cap in only 8 months.Mr. Beckmann & his wife Kyleigha are accredited with having helped the Brazilian government federally medically legalize Cannabis (Both CBD & THC) in January of 2015. They helped achieve this milestone for the global industry through their work as founders of the first company ever granted permission to legally import CBD into the country of Brazil. They worked directly with the Brazilian government to study CBD-based treatments for patients with severe forms of epilepsy, Parkinsons and cancer. After this project one of the largest pharmaceutical companies approached Erai to get his help implementing their future plans for CBD. After which Erai co-founded Humanity to become a new paradigm of Cannabis medicine solution.Erai also previously co-founded an online Science-Based Health Blog “The Future of Health Now” which was partnered with Whole Foods Market & The X Prize Foundation. Erai sold this business in January of 2014.Another step in my personal life's work to create a NEW paradigm of ultimately healing medicine! I'm blessed to work with incredible humanitarian visionaries in this for-profit legislation shifting tool. We are producing a high-end industry first microdosed THC + Nootropics capsule line to begin with. Sky's the limit from there. Stay tuned!Mr. Beckmann is an accomplished thought leader and influencer in the southern California cannabis industry, and is recognized as “Mr. Cannabis”. Mr. Beckmann is the Founder and CEO of Mr. Cannabis Group a SoCal focused cannabis private holdings group.Mr. Beckmann’s purpose in forming the Mr. Cannabis Group was to bring together a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with an existing track record as successful operators, investors, legal license holders, and lobbyists in the cannabis industry. The team’s immediate mission is to take a laser-focused approach to capitalize on the legal cannabis market in California.The Mr. Cannabis Team includes Erai Beckmann, Matthew Bucciero, Jory Wolf, Justin Vincent, Derek Scallet, Daniel Yazbeck, and Matt Ritchey.“I’ve built a team of investors and entrepreneurs with an already existing proven track record of success in the Cannabis industry.” Stated Erai Beckmann, founder of the Mr. Cannabis Group. “Having already successfully raised funds, achieved legal licensing, launched brands and realized revenues, I recognized the need for proven superstars with a solid foundation of successful operations and high finance solely focused on supporting companies in the cannabis industry. The Mr. Cannabis Group has an equity interest in a portfolio of valuable cannabis companies that it helps support with its team of CEO’s, operational CFO’s, and legal, licensed product development and manufacturing, branding, marketing, sales, distribution, finance and public market expertise”. Concluded Mr. Beckmann.

Matt Ritchey

Investor - Co-Founder

Matthew Thomas Ritchey is originally from Pennsylvania and spent his teenage years racing motocross at a high level- learning discipline and self leadership from some of the sports greats. Fast forward almost a decade and Matt found himself leading entrepreneurs and executives through coaching and hosting masterminds, both in person and virtually around the world.Over the past five years he worked with a startup call Evo which hosted experiential learning events (Airbnb), did Executive coaching (Facebook), and co-created Burning Man like pop up experiences (Coachella). After the birth of his daughter he was called to work on new projects in the Cannabis / CBD industry. His work with companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Prana and other fast growth organizations allowed him to work with and see what makes people connect, share ideas, and create synergy in their working potential.Since then he has been leading Masterminds for CBD entrepreneurs, as well as creating events that share the highest value for both business and leadership in the Cannabis industry. He is looking forward to tackling the Leadership side of business and sharing the wisdom that all of our great guests will provide!